Fantastic gift ideas for use on your valentine

Are you sick or tired of sending Tired of choosing cholocate and flowers as gift to your lover on valentines? When you use your imagination, you will find there are tons of other great, romantic and inexpensive out there.

Below we list some uniqe and affordable gift ideas for your sweetheart:

Hair product

Actually, few people will think of hair product as gift for valentine’s day, however, there are many excellent hair and wig products which are quite fashionable and can be used daily and even for different colours of hair. For instance, a few natural shampoos give such herbs as marigold, in their “blond-hair” formulas; blackberry and licorice in their formulas for those with jet black locks; and strawberry in their formulas for those with red hair. Also some fashion human hair products like cheap human hair extensions which are loved by women of different ages.

It is important to include conditioner as well. When it comes to nutrients and herbs included in these kind of goods, there is no limit. Several of the most regularly included hair-conditioning ingredients include: sea kelp, joboba, biotin, and also chamomile. An all-natural “leave-in” deep-conditioner is a nice treat to include, too.


Nails. Travel-size hand lotion, emory boards, and a nail-brush and clippers are “nail-care musts.” Your health-food store is the source for formaldehyde-free nail polish and acetone-free (even organic!) nail polish remover, too.

Name Necklaces: Personalized name necklace is now quite popular gift idea, it is not only fashionable but affordable, there are lots of online jewelry stores selling them at very low price, normally you can get them at 29USD to 119USD, especially get them from Chinese suppliers or aliexpress etc.  A name necklace customized is definitely a great gift idea to present your lover on Valentine’s Day.



A custom oil painting: Just like name necklace, painting from photo is also made to order product and getting more and more popular these days. It is really amazing to turn photos of your loved ones or any great monments into hand-painted oil paintings in styles like impressional, realistic, pop, artistic etc. There are also many galleries out there offering photo to painting service, but i highly recommend, their quality and service are top notch, moreover, they are studio based, so the price is quite competitive.


self portrait-021

Delivering the goods

Gift selections in hand, the job is still not finished. Packaging is important. If you can’t wrap the present properly yourself, let the staff at the store do it. Sure we’ve been warned not to judge a book by its cover, but we all do anyway. And “don’t buy at a discounter,” Molloy cautions. “The recipient may want to return the present.” Be sure to include a personal note. “Enclosing your business card without a signature and a personal message is a cold and impersonal way to send a gift,” Letitia Baldrige notes.

Although business presents may be sent by messenger or mail, you’ll make the optimum impact by presenting the gift in person. Baldrige explains: “When you hand a present to someone, your handshake or embrace may be as important as your present.”

Distribute business gifts in private. Gift giving remains wrapped in delicate emotions for many, and observers may misconstrue the meaning of a gift or wonder why you didn’t give them one.

If the complexities of gift giving still seem impenetrable, “Bah, humbug” isn’t the only solution. Molloy offers this gracious way out: “Department store gift certificates. Our research found that employees enjoy this method of gift “giving” since they pick their own present. I do it with my own staff,” Molloy adds. “It saves me lots of trouble, and it means I never give a present an employee doesn’t want.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Crowd-Pleasing Appeal – Teddy Bear Art

The rise of Teddy bear art goes hand-in-hand with the continued popularity of kids wall art in the United States. The Art Business Journal reported that the kids art business industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the United States. The publication’s latest survey revealed that the size of the industry is estimated at $213 billion, which is more than twice the size of the U.S. auto industry and seven times the size of the movie industry.

Need further proof of teddy bear’s cultural influence on U.S. society? Major bear artists continue to break attendance new artworks every year. Attendance and interest remains strong for the worldwide market. Even bear shows such as Brisbane Shows continue to grow every year.

What does America’s obsession with mean for teddy bear art? Although bear art occupies a small percentage of the fine-art marketplace, it is certainly a niche that is rising in prominence. Some of the foremost bear artists are well-known names in the art industry.

After a very inauspicious and shaky start, when the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) tried to ban him, which took the intervention of Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister to save him when he told SOCOG to “back off” and let, arguably, the only Australian-made icon for the Millennium Games to stay in production, “Sidney the 2000 Olympics Bear” went on to win the prestigious Blue Ribbon at the 2000 Winter Wonderland Bear Show in Brisbane. He then went on to make me only the sixth living Australian bear artist to be so honoured when he was chosen by the world famous Dancing Bear Folk Center in the USA to be a featured bear in their Bear Museum. “Sidney” is now a closed edition, and somewhat world famous.

Cheap Wall Arts – another art supplier known for their discount canvas art, now are working with many artists to create multipiece teddy bear artworks for kids market. “There are a lot of teddy bear collectors out there; the key is to do something different for them,” Nick said. Their Executive Director Dora says the goal of their new bear artworks collection is “to serve as a bridge of understanding between two worlds, introducing teddy bear to the world of art.”

“[Teddy bear art] is art people can relate to,” Rein says. “We see people at the museum who are engaged or can relate to it and are excited about art. It brings back memories. It’s storytelling art.”

With more interest from consumers in teddy bear art, Fiorentino says the landscape among bear artists has changed since he started in the early 1990s.

“I started professionally at 16 years old, and back then, (bear art) started to take off,” says Fiorentino, now 31. “Back then, there wasn’t as much competition as is the case today.”


An Article about Jaccy Thomas

Hi…Pleased to meet you…My name is Jacqueline (folks call me Jaccy) Thomas and I am the artist who created all the bears you are about to meet on this site.

People reckon I, and ‘He Who Reckons He Should Be Obeyed’ – commonly known as BigBadOzDave – are a pretty lucky pair, because we live and work in the magnificent tropical wonderland of the Whitsundays, here in North Queensland, Australia…I know, I know, it’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it, haven’t they?

I have been an artist for longer than I care to remember, and until recently I was a practicing professional Folk Artist & teacher, which I used to do along with my teddybear art…makes for a busy life, but I now specialise almost exclusively in teddies.

Since moving into teddybears, I have come to love the craft and get great enjoyment out of creating another little ‘person’ every time I turn the finished product over and look into his or her eyes.
Another very important part of my bearmaking is The Angel Bear Project. This is a project I and the BigBad have under- taken to raise medical research funds for the Australian Angelman Syndrome Association – a group of dedicated parents of kiddies suffering from this terrible affliction, unfortunately from which our little second grandson Lachlan sufffers. Make sure you visit The Story of the Angel Bears… it’s a wonderful story.

Because up here in North Queensland we are “only 24 hours from everywhere”, I sell most of my bears via the internet… so you’re right here in my shopfront with your visit to my website.

I have been indeed very fortunate since beginning bear making, with three of my teddies selected for the very prestigious Dancing Bear Folk Center Teddybear Museum in the USA, making me one of only two Australian bear artists selected for such an honour.

I’ve also had moderate success with showing my bears, and you can see all my award winners in the Winners section of this website.

Anyway, enough of my prattling on…you’re here to look at teddy bears, and by clicking on the ‘Next’ button at right, that’s exactly what you will be doing. Enjoy them….and thanks for visiting.